10 Unmissable Cruises Around the World

If you’re stuck for holiday ideas this year then consider a cruise and see the world as you’ve never seen it before, from the ocean. Over 70% of the world’s surface is covered with water which makes you wonder why we don’t make the most of it in various ways – tourism is just one example. Check out the variety of cruises and tours in the post below and don’t miss out! 

Nile Cruise

One of the most incredible adventures on the water is to head down the mighty Nile. Set sail down this historic and mesmerizing river and take in the ancient treasures and unique culture along its shores. With temples dating back over 5000 years, you will be sure to be left speechless. If that wasn’t enough, sailing down the Nile gives you a unique perspective on the way of life along its banks. Here you get a perfect platform from which to take in local life from the comfort of your vessel.

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Disney Dream 

The imagination becomes a reality with the Disney Dream which sets sail on three, four, and five-day cruises in The Bahamas. Situated in the Atlantic Ocean the archipelago consist of 700 tropical islands creating the perfect fantasy setting for a cruise that will sweep you off your feet.  

The Disney Dream is part of the Walt Disney Company and that’s easy to see when you walk on board the magical ocean liner. Enjoy live shows of some of your favourite Disney stories in the theatre or enjoy the on-deck watersides – the ship immerses you into a dream world for your trip.      

Celebrity Reflection 

If you have more down-to-earth tastes you might prefer a trip on a Celebrity Reflection cruise which tends towards cultural and historical locations. There are loads of exotic destinations to choose from around the world such as the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Alaska. 

However, others prefer a luxury yacht to a fancy cruise and these are also available in the Mediterranean region. Luxury yachts can be chartered allowing you and your partner or family to enjoy a private trip on the islands – why not view all the luxury yachts for charter in Italy

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Viking Star

Viking Star cruises are well known for their range of destinations and the quality of their ships. Viking Star ships are destination-oriented meaning they aim for a holiday destination instead of stop-offs or a cruise-oriented ship where the passengers stay on board for the trip’s duration. 

On a Viking Star ship, you can expect the luxury experience of a lifetime. Coming from Scandinavia the ships benefit from an elegant and streamlined interior design with plenty of public and intimate spaces. Off-board you can also enjoy guided tours and shore excursions.  

Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas is part of the Royal Caribbean International fleet and at 1187 feet it’s one of the largest cruise ships in the world. Naturally, there is no shortage of things to do on this massive ship which mostly tours the Caribbean but is also available in other global destinations.

Harmony of the Seas is an impressive size of a ship but it doesn’t waste its space, every inch of the desk is supplied with an activity to suit every age group and personality type. Take the sports field, for instance, where games of football or hockey can be played, and the many pools.   

Norwegian Epic

The Norwegian Epic is another massive adventure cruise ship with loads to offer. It’s one of the largest ships in the Norwegian fleet and supports freestyle cruising. With freestyle cruising there are no fixed arrangements on board for dining experiences or stopover tours, it’s fully flexible.  

Enjoy a cruise across the Atlantic with excellent entertainment including the latest Broadway shows or spend your evenings competing in the bowling alley. Enjoy luxury dining and live music experiences. With its studio cabins, it’s also perfect for solo travels heading State-side.      

East to West 

Cruise holidays don’t have to be destination-specific the world is your oyster – so to speak. An East to West tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the unfolding world of history and culture across the globe – this one lasts for 132 nights and sails to fourteen different countries.

The ship you’ll sail on is called The Silver Shadow, it’s a large luxury cruise ship with spacious suites to accommodate 322 passengers. There’s plenty to do on-board this ship as you sail the high seas, re-energize yourself with the complimentary pilates and wine and dine in fancy bars.

The South Seas 

The South Side Story is an epic adventure cruise that begins in Sydney Australia and ends in Singapore. Along the way, you will encounter magical rainforests, epic volcanos, rituals, and stories that will live long in your memory and entertain your family for generations to come. 

Once again you will set sail on The Silver Shadow ship that provides spacious accommodations for up to 322 people. On this massive vessel, you won’t be short of space with roomy suites and cabins, you also won’t be stuck for entertainment or home comforts during your historic voyage.    

North to South 

The North to South global tour is the cruise equivalent to a David Attenborough documentary. On this cruise, you will be taken on a spectacular journey from antarctic regions to Iceland encountering a myriad of sites and sounds and weaving together an unforgettable tale to tell. 

Onboard the Silver Whisper you will enjoy all the luxury of a grand resort. This ship offers world-class accommodation, a warm and convivial environment to live in for 138 days from January to May, and enhanced amenities including a wellness spa and luxury designer shops.  

Greenland and Iceland 

Greenland and Iceland might be relatively close in proximity – especially compared to the epic world cruises on offer – but that doesn’t make these cruises any less attractive. The truth is this northerly region of the world has something to offer no one other cruise can compete with. 

In a Celebrity Cruise ship you will sail from Reykjavik in the direction of Boston where you can enjoy dark skies filled with stars, then, during the day keep your eyes open for astonishing sea creatures such as whales and porpoises. Naturally, there is plenty of entertainment onboard.   

The Caribbean 

The Caribbean is a natural location for a cruise because of its amazing weather, scenery, and 700 plus islands known for their piracy in times gone by. Nowadays, you can set sail on board a different kind of ship for a period of tranquillity and enjoyment – there are many to choose from.   

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