Exploring the culture and scenery of the stunning Lake Inle, Myanmar: Our Lake Inle guide!

After trekking for 3 days through the dry and challenging terrain between Kalaw and Inle, staying in simple local villages we were ready to kick back and enjoy Lake Inle. One of the star attractions on the trail through Myanmar it had been billed highly as a stunning location from which to soak in local

Visiting the majestic, mystical and sacred Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo Pagoda) that teeters on the edge in Myanmar!

Ever since I saw a strange and somewhat obscure photo of this shimmering rock teetering off the side of a cliff I knew I had to visit. The mysterious land of Myanmar called me in with its untouched and mesmerising culture as soon as I learnt of its endless charms. The tourist trail, if you

Experiencing the unique culture of Borneo up close and personal at the Mari Mari culture village. Plus, Where to stay in Kota Kinabalu!

When we decided to head over to Borneo, specifically the Malaysian side, we were keen to take the opportunity to soak in all this magnificent and mysterious island had to offer. From trekking through the jungle in search of endangered animals to embracing the rich tribal culture of this wonderful region, we Borneo would allow us

DoubleGem Beach Resort & Hotel El Nido: The stunning hotel that sits on the beach in this most stunning Filipino paradise

Heading on over to The Philippines we were in search of paradise; white sand beaches, turquoise seas and magnificent hidden lagoons filled with crystal clear warm waters. In El Nido we found this and much more, a literal island paradise with so much beauty and adventure to explore. We also discovered the most perfect location

Trekking 3 days through villages, rice paddies and mountains from Kalaw to Lake Inle, Myanmar: An unforgettable local experience!

During our time in the wonderful country of Myanmar we had some of the most memorable, eye opening and unique experiences of our time in South East Asia. A stand out trip for us was the route we took from the small mountain town of Kalaw to the well known, stilt house lined Lake Inle.

The ancient temples of Bagan: Visiting this miraculous wonder of the world in amazing Myanmar

Whilst considering the countries we wanted to visit whilst touring South East Asia, Myanmar always came up as the one which held the most intrigue and unknown. A country relatively few visit in this region, one only just opened up to tourism where the culture is vastly different to that of places like Thailand or

Ayutthaya Thailand: The lost world of ancient Thailand & a treasure trove of temples

Ayutthaya Thailand is the one time ancient capital of the Siam, the precursor to the modern day kingdom of Thailand. Founded in 1350 it is Thailands answer to Angkor Wat or Bagan, a huge complex of crumbling ancient temples awaits the intrepid to explore this historic gem. Easily accessible from Bangkok Ayutthaya can make a great

Faloe Hostel, Kota Kinabalu: A modern, homely and down right perfect hostel in this amazing city on Borneo!

A place where you feel at home and like family  Faloe hostel isn’t just a hostel, it is a small and homely converted space ran by a wonderful young couple. They literally make you feel like family when you stay here, welcoming you into the fold with a huge smile and a warm heart. You

Pai: The hedonistic hippy heaven in the mountains we almost never left, Thailand!

The longer we spent travelling around South East Asia the more we heard of this little mysterious place in the very north of Thailand with a funny old name: Pai! Everyone who had been was raving about this hippy hideaway in the hills that feels miles away from normal life, where you can explore by

Exploring the strange world of the White Temple, Chiang Rai: This beautiful and weird work of art!

Chiang Rai is a relatively obscure city in the north of Thailand, most people are only aware of it due to the weird and wonderful Chiang Rai White Temple, otherwise known as Wat Rong Khun on the outskirts of the city. After touring South East Asia you would be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen enough temples,