Reflecting on visiting Europe’s newest but little visited country: Kosovo. The once tormented state with a historic heart and a fascinating culture to discover.

As we made our way through the Balkans on our 4 month trip around Eastern Europe this year the country we knew least what to expect from was the newest: Kosovo. A country whose name brings about images of war, refugees and suffering, even the county itself is still a controversial concept across the region.

A guide to the Ottoman city of Prizren, Kosovo. A historic step in time in this new country!

Prizren is often overlooked for modern Pristina. But really this wonderful little city offers so much more culture, history and beauty than the capital. Often seen as being nothing more than a country tormented by years of war and struggling for independence, today Prizren is a shining example of how much Kosovo has to offer the

Exploring the Newborn capital of Kosovo. A guide to the unremarkable and yet extraordinary Pristina!

When we headed over into Kosovo we really weren’t sure what we would find, after already having passed through Serbia we were a touch nervous at the border as the guards inspected our passports. Arriving in the midst of a storm, as the rain bounced off the pavement around us and thunder crashed above like