Cool Reasons To Visit Colorado

From arid deserts to snowy mountains to bustling cities – The Centennial State has it all. Here are just five reasons to take a trip to Colorado. Attend a concert at the Red Rocks The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a music venue like none other. This open-air venue is nestled between two huge rock formations […]

10 Best Outdoor Attractions in the Philippines

 The vast Philippine archipelago is a massive playground for adrenaline-junkies in constant search of fun and adventure. The varied landscapes and rugged terrains are ideal for myriads of outdoor activities that you can enjoy alone, with friends or with family. There is certainly no shortage of activities to do in the country. There is no […]

Don’t Let Your Fitness Slip While You Explore The World

If you’re planning on exploring the world, you might find yourself wondering about your health. How can you ensure that your health and fitness remain in tact while you enjoy your travels? To some, this won’t be important. However, it can be hard to get back into a great routine once you return home without […]

Making the Most Out of Birding In East Africa

There are many places in the world where one can experience the joys of bird watching. However, very few can compare to the biodiversity endemic to East Africa. Kenya even holds the world record for bird sightings in a day, with 342 species seen in a period of only 24 hours. While the country is […]

How to Get Fit For Your Next Adventure

When you love to adventure, building your fitness is crucial for you to manage your ambitions. Whether you want to hike to the top of a mountain or dive to the bottom of the sea, your fitness is the only thing that will put a cap on your activity. If you want to do more, […]

5 Great Places to Visit Out of Season

Once you start travelling during the off season you will wonder why you never did it before. Prices are often cheaper on accommodations and airfare, the queues are shorter at popular attractions, and you have a better chance of seeing the real side of the city without a million tourists. Here are 5 great places […]

5 Exotic Locations Perfect for your Honeymoon

Getting married with the love of your life can be an exciting time. Even more exciting can be going on an exotic honeymoon! Honeymoons are an amazing way to spend time with your new lifetime partner. There’s no better way to spend the time after your wedding than in romantic and memorable locale that has […]