Guest Post: Bring Your Pet With You To Your Next Great Adventure: How to travel with your pet!

Travelling with pets may seem rather difficult, as it is important to have all the essential information – documentation needed, researching the best means of transportation and pet-friendly accommodation. Below you will find some useful information that can help you too organise a stress free holiday with the whole family.


Europe (the inventor of the cat café) is one of the most pet-friendly places in the world and is the best place to bring your furry friend. There is no longer a need to quarantine foreign pets as long as they have the proper documentation and treatments in advance. When entering Europe from the UK for instance, your pet must have a passport, microchip, rabies vaccination and a tapeworm treatment.

 Transportation issues

Getting your pet to Europe may be a concern, as pet transportation within Europe is regulated by many various laws. The stress of pet transportation can often put a damper on things but there are many companies that will have your pet come with you without any issues. For example, companies such as Bliss Pet Services makes transportation of pets by air can a lot smoother than you might expected. Helping every loving pet owner on every step of the journey, from getting the proper documentation to answering the most concerned, and ‘parenty’ questions an owner might have. Transportation via pet courier need not be a stressful process for you or your pet if you research well and choose the most appropriate company. 

 Great places to take your pet

Europe has many pet-friendly cities. You can even bring your dog to the metro in many places. This includes Berlin, Barcelona, and Milan. They all cater to walking, as it is the best way to see the multitude of pleasant sites. Barcelona in particular holds as many parks, and open spaces, to be exact 105 areas, where your pet can drink from dog-designed fountains, and rest when they get tired of running around and playing. For example, Parc de la Ciutadella, a 17.42 hectares area, will not only be a fun experience for your dog, but also for you and your family, as it holds more than 100 bird species, a lake where you could rent a boat and take in the scenery! There are also many options for accommodation and cafes. The stress of finding places to stay and eat has been relieved as a lot of places now actually allow dogs. In Berlin, places like Five Elephant, a café serving famous for their cheesecake is extremely pet-friendly. Some places such as Venice are safer for your four-legged friends, because of car absence, also transportation; take advantage of the ‘Vaporetto‘; it is a free ride for Fido


 Have you ever travelled with your pet?