Roaming Renegades has been Nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Here at The Roaming Renegades we are please to announce that we have been nominated for the Liebster Award. This award is all about spreading the word about up and coming blogs as well as connecting bloggers and learning a bit more about each other through some fun questions too! A massive thank you goes out to Kelly from Blue Eyed View for the nomination! Here are our answers, nominations and questions…


10 Liebster Award questions by Blue Eyed View

Why did you start blogging and what is the main focus?

I actually started blogging as part of my Masters degree as a way of reporting on my work and reflecting upon its success in a way I felt was more open. Initially it was all about my art and design work but throughout my course I realised that my work was about the idea of travelling, exploring and freedom and they both became intertwined. My MA was then about travel and lifestyle and the blog took on a life of its own. I decided about a year into it to separate my work and dedicate this blog to travelling and lifestyle a well as re-brand it to become “The Roaming Renegades!” I still have my design blog but update it far less regularly (

What is your favourite memory from the past year?

Wow, well we have been to some great places in the last 12 months and really although we have stepped up our savings and dedicated ourselves to planning our round the world trip for next year we have also been to more places than ever. I have to say that visiting Krakow was right up there at the top, we really fell in love with the place. So much to do, see and learn about, we stumbled right upon our favourite city in Europe!

Where in the world wouldn’t you go and why?

Erm, well to be honest we both want to visit every country, sure there are some higher on the list than others but they all have their uniqueness and a draw. Saying that there are places which we have been where we would no go back to. One of those would be Kos in Greece, we went for a family wedding and it really is the opposite of what you want when you think of Greece! We still made the most of it and did some cool things but there are so many better Greek islands out there!


You’re at the airport and money isn’t an issue; where would you go and for how long?

Hmm, tough one again as there are so many places to go, but right now I would love to explore China. It just seems like such a diverse country and I guess part of that is its size. You have massive modern cities, ancient towns and amazing nature! We will be heading there via the Trans-Mongolian on our RTW trip! I’d stay for a few months to see it all!

Camping or Glamping? BBQ or 3 course meal?

We love camping, in fact we just returned from Wales on a camping trip and also camped at the bottom of Mt Tryfan in Wales last year! We love being out in the wilderness camping, climbing and exploring it’s a great adventure! Saying that though we do love our food and although a BBQ is great (a veggie one) going out for a three course meal is always a treat especially when you can sample a new cuisine!

Can you describe what a memorable experience means to you, in 3 words?

Fun, adventure and exploration!

You’re allowed one item on the plane – what do you take?

I would say my phone as I can listen to music, play games or watch a movie. I can write notes down for a blog post or just general ideas and I also have a camera with me to capture those sunset over the wing shots! Some planes also have WIFI now too, so that can go straight on instagram!

Have you ever travelled alone?

Well not properly. I did some work experience over in Hamburg when I was in Uni and although I stayed with my cousin and in his apartment I did travel over on my own and spend a lot of time exploring by myself. It felt very different and a quite liked it made me feel like a local! I am going on a trip to Switzerland in June totally on my own though as Shorty is going over there on a stag party in July so that should be interesting!

What 3 things hit the top spot on your bucket list?

Seeing the Great Wall of China, Visiting the Taj Mahal and building a career around sustainable long term travel (aka freedom!)

Why is travel important to you?

Travel means making everyday fascinating even if it is someone else’s “everyday”. Like visiting a temple in Tokyo, going for breakfast in New York or taking the metro in Moscow. It’s about having the freedom to wander, to discover and to explore on your own terms. To enjoy experiences and not material possessions, it’s about seeing as much of this amazing planet as possible and living life to the fullest!


 Our nominations for the Liebster Award are:

And our 10 questions for our nominees are:

1. Who are you and what is your blog about?
2. What does being a travel blogger mean to you?
3. What is your favourite memory of travelling as a child
4. Did that experience influence you to want to travel more?
5. When did travel become more of a lifestyle?
6. What are your top 3 travel experiences?
7. And what are your 3 worst!?
8. What is your best travel tip?
9.Where are your top 5 destinations?
10. Finally, why do you travel?