A day in Bandar Seri Begawan: The capital of the tiny country of Brunei on Borneo

Of all the countries in South East Asia little old Brunei must be the least visited. Despite seeing far fewer tourists in Myanmar than in places like Thailand we didn’t even spot a single on in this oil rich Kingdom. It’s remote location on two small strips of land on Borneo, its awkward transport links

The amazing, creative and interactive street art of Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Penang is known for its amazing street art, not just graffiti or tags which are a subject that causes much debate. But here there are lovingly created paintings that use their canvas as inspiration and embedding the amazingly crumbling texture of this historic island into the narrative of the works. Here they all tell a

23 reasons why you should visit MANCHESTER when you come to the UK (Our hometown we could not be more proud of!)

Manchester (we think) is better than London, but alas not that many people make it up this way. London, Edinburgh… even Liverpool with their Beatles stuff (I do love Liverpool)… but as with many countries there are lots of other places to see. Don’t even get me started on Leeds, Chester, York, Belfast and of course

Dirt biking along the black sand beaches of Bali, a different way to spend the day at the beach!

After our epic 7 week motorbike adventure through Vietnam a few months earlier we were keen to get back on some proper motorbikes after exploring Asia mostly on the more convenient and cheaper scooters! Heading over to Bali there is so much to keep you entertained, although, we’re really not ones to spend too long at

The paradise resort of Santan Gili Cottages on the tiny Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan!

The tranquil and tiny Gili islands are the ideal paradise getaway, walkable in an hour, no traffic other than push bikes and horses on the sandy roads. Beaches, palm trees, turquoise waters, rustic cottages and sipping from coconuts whilst relaxing on a hammock… you get the idea!! So when we finally headed to the largest

Where to see Melbourne’s Best Street Art: Australia’s most vibrant city!

Melbourne is one of the great street art cities of the world. Rather than fighting the graffiti artists, the city has recognised their artistic talent and has opened up many of the city’s laneways for these artists to express themselves through their graffiti art, while murals are commissioned on walls throughout the city. The great

Singapore on a budget: How to explore one of Asia’s most expensive cities on a backpacker budget!

Singapore is one of Asian’s most interesting countries, a bustling metropolis, so clean and well organised with so many western influences that create a real east meets west feel. Initially we were unsure how we would find the city, whether it would feel to clinical and be devoid of personality. But beyond the squeaky clean

Photo Essay: Gardens by the Bay, Singapore: Magical by night and day!

By far one of the most amazing, awe inspiring and simply magical sights of Singapore is also one of the most well known and even more impressively FREE! When across much of Asia is feels like you are made to pay for everything, including nature and public gardens it is refreshing to head to Singapore

How to get to Brunei from Kota Kinabalu: Heading over to this little visited nation on Borneo!

If you’re anything like us then the idea of visiting a small and mysterious country that almost no one else puts the effort into exploring fills you with excitement! We love the idea of visiting far off places and seeing countries not many get the chance to visit. Whilst having the most amazing time on

Ostic House, Yogyakarta. A wonderful family run hostel where you feel right at home in Indonesia

Heading to the historic town of Yogyakarta in Indonesia from busy Jakarta we didn’t really know too much about what this wonderful place had to offer. We initially came here as a base for climbing Mt. Bromo and Ijen but found a most beautiful and charming town we fell in love with. This was in

Strolling around the awe inspiring Shwedagon pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

A day after Myanmar’s crazy New Year celebrations, the water festival of Thingyan, we headed for the countries most sacred and beautiful temple. We might have been forgiven for feeling “templed out” at this stage in our South East Asian adventure, however this was one not to be missed. The shimmering gold stupa of the

Experiencing the amazing “Thingyan” Water festival in lively Yangon, Myanmar

Leaving Thailand just a week or so before the famous water festival I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed, so near and yet so far, we had booked our flights to Myanmar before we realised! But what we also didn’t realise is that not only does Thailand celebrate the water festival, but Myanmar do

What to expect when you visit Myanmar (Burma): The wonderful, surreal & authentic side of South East Asia!

Myanmar, or Burma as it was formerly known has to be one of the all time highlights of our travels so far. A truly authentic culture, welcoming people, unspoilt traditions, mysterious history and amazing landscapes. But often people we meet seem hesitant to visit, but here is our guide to Myanmar travel and what to

Exploring the culture and scenery of the stunning Lake Inle, Myanmar: Our Lake Inle guide!

After trekking for 3 days through the dry and challenging terrain between Kalaw and Inle, staying in simple local villages we were ready to kick back and enjoy Lake Inle. One of the star attractions on the trail through Myanmar it had been billed highly as a stunning location from which to soak in local