Kayaking for 3hrs down the amazing Matka Canyon to discover the amazing hidden cave on the water! Macedonia

After spending a wonderful week in the Macedonian capital of Skopje, exploring both the quirky modern architecture, the ancient Ottoman cobbled streets and even attending a protest against the government…we wanted to escape the chaos of the city and have a true adventure in the Macedonia countryside. From the capital a day trip to Matka

A guide to the coastal town of landlocked Macedonia: Beautiful Ohrid!

The wonderful coastal town of Ohrid in landlocked Macedonia can on the surface appear a little touristsy, but in truth there is a reason Macedonia’s flock to this stunning town set on the shores of one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes. This UNESCO listed lake and town combine to create one of the most

A guide to Skopje: The modern, quirky & politically charged Macedonia capital with hidden history!

On the surface of it Skopje can just appear to be a quirky modern city with not much to see past the crazy new statues and architecture that dominate the centre. But scratch the surface on the Macedonia capital and it has so many stories from modern to ancient history to tell. We ended up

We protested the government in Macedonia as part of the “Colourful Revolution” in Skopje!

In the midst of one of the most quirky cities in the world, passed the towering statue of “Alexander the Great” and the plaster of Paris renaissance style triumphal arch splashed with a rainbow of colours lies political turmoil. In a corner of Europe many know little about a scandal is rife and the public

Shkoder Castle: The ancient Ottoman fortress with the most stunning views over the Albania countryside!

We headed to the the city of Shkoder in Northern Albania at the last minute, we had heard of an amazing ferry ride just outside of the city that takes you 3 hours through some amazing mountains. So we didn’t really plan on seeing much in the city. But it transpires that organising this ferry

Hostel Review: Cinnamon Sally, Riga. A fun, youthful and artistic hostel in this beautiful city!

When we arrived in Riga we were tired and a little overwhelmed. After travelling on night buses for a few consecutive evenings we were looking for a comfortable, warm and welcoming place to stay. But at the same time we hadn’t had all that much time to research the city either and worried we might

Hitchhiking to the tropical Bogove waterfall in rural Albania, a day of real adventure! (Plus: shorty skinny dipping!)

Whilst on our amazing 11 day adventure through Albania and the ensuing love affair that resulted, we found ourselves in the charming town of Berat. This beautiful Ottoman city has clung to the side of mountains for centuries and we inevitably ended up extending our stay. We heard whispers amongst our fellow travellers of a

A guide to transport in Albania: Its not impossible but it is an experience!

When we made our plans to travel through the Balkans we had heard many tales about Albania, mostly how scary it was and how hard it was to travel around. That timetables don’t exist and unless you have a car or are a local then you are basically screwed! We were a little nervous when

Berat: The charming UNESCO Ottoman town that sealed our love affair with Albania!

When we headed over to Albania we have to admit to not really knowing where to go, our original plan was something around the lines of heading to the capital, sticking around for a few days and getting the hell out of there! Albania had a fearsome reputation and even as we travelled through the

Camping memories in the UK: Some of our highlights of our adventures in the British Isles!

We love exploring the exotic far off lands like anyone else, just take a look at the last 4 months of explorations through Eastern Europe that we have just returned from!! But when it comes to camping it feels like a proper British pastime, one where we get together with our freinds and family and

GUEST POST: 26 Year old’s Guide to Outdoor Activities and Adventures in Vietnam

I just spent the last 2 months traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to the very Northern reaches of the Vietnamese border with China. Along the way, I repelled down waterfalls, jumped off of cliffs, kayaked through caves, biked over mountains, and hiked through a sea of terraced rice paddies. When it comes to adventure

A guide to Tirana, The Albania capital that is a modern time-warp!

Tirana was our first stop in the mysterious land of Albania in what turned out to become an 11 day love affair. But we must be honest, Albania wasn’t love at first sight! Tirana is a strange and fascinating city, one which feels large, modern and bustling. But yet also trapped in time and still

The 3 hour ferry ride through the mountains of Northern Albania that blew us away (and should be on everyones bucket list!)

Once in a while you have an experience whilst travelling that just hits all the right notes, a perfect day in the most amazing place, something you never even knew about before setting off, and yet it becomes an absolute highlight. During our amazing 11 days in Albania we saw so many sides to this

Albania: A surprise love affair with this chaotic time warp country with stunning landscapes and wonderful people!

When we made the plan to backpack around the Balkans there were a few countries we were admittedly a little apprehensive and wary about. The first was Serbia, and in many ways it lived up to its fearsome reputation, but in reality it was nothing like as scary as it had been made out to

Perast: The beautiful village and its floating churches set in the fjord of the kotor bay

Just a little over 10km along the coast from Kotor is a beautifully tiny town called Perast. We had been advised by a few people to take the short trip on the bus to this town, mainly because of the two small islands situated just off the coastline. Despite Perast’s size with it only having