Discovering the magic of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. The bucket list items that tell the tale of historic Istanbul!

We have always wanted to visit Istanbul, when we dreamt of this bustling city we couldn’t look much further than the twin icons of the city: The Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. At first glance we expected just to find two wonderful mosque to visit and tick off the bucket list. But little did

Crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul…From Europe to Asia!

The romance of travel might just be personified by this one ferry crossing in particular, setting sail from one continent to another just has the allure of adventure and the unknown. But what makes it even more fun is that despite transiting across the narrow crossing you are still in the same city!! Taking the

The top three outdoor adventures in Ontario, Canada

We can’t wait to return to Canada one day, it’s full of all the things we love the most! Luscious forests, snow-capped mountains and many opportunities for us to explore. First on our list to visit is Ontario, and while we were dreaming of when we’d finally be able to visit, we thought we’d put together

A street art tour of Eastern Europe: The modern artistic heart of this historic region

We love street art, in fact, I (Nic) used to do a lot myself back in my uni days and as an artist I just can’t get enough of it! (check out my art blog here if you fancy I love all types of art of course, but what stands out about street art to

Portraits of Eastern Europe: Travelling around this fascinating region and taking in local life.

Whilst backpacking around Eastern Europe we well and truly fell in love with the region. We already had quite a high opinion of this often misunderstood area but travelling long term allowed us to get so much more under the surface of it and interact on a much more intense level. Of course, we were

Is it safe to visit Turkey? We headed to amazing Istanbul, Fethiye & Cappadocia and this is what we found.

When we decided to make a detour to Turkey on our travels around Eastern Europe this year it brought about universal signs of upset and disbelief. Whilst down in Plovdiv, Bulgaria we decided to take the night bus over the border and down to one of the world’s oldest and most impressive cities: Istanbul. But

Exploring Buzludzha: The abandoned Communist headquarters of Bulgaria! (And a side trip to Shipka!)

Have you ever had dreams of crawling through a tiny hole into a dark and damp crumbling ruin, the smell of decay  piercing your nostrils and you step over piles of rotten communist relics. Probably not, well that is unless you are as strange as I am! Well, there’s more to it than having a

A day of adventure at the stunning UNESCO Rila Monastery, Stob Pyramids and the Bulgarian mountains!

When we knew we would be going to Bulgaria on our travels through Europe we weren’t really sure what or where we would be heading. Sometimes it is nice to turn up in a country and it be a total surprise. But one thing we did know about was Rila Monastery (and Buzludzha but that’s another

Plovdiv: The ancient Roman city with a young bohemian charm! (and a unique AirBnB experience!)

We had already fallen head over heels in love with Bulgaria by the time we boarded the train in Sofia to make the slow chugging trundle through the mountains and countryside towards Plovdiv. We knew not to much about the second largest city in the country apart from its famous Roman Ruins, but upon visiting

A guide to Sofia, the diverse city we felt so at home in & the gateway to our Bulgarian adventures!

Our first impression of Sofia wasn’t amazing, we arrived in a storm from Kosovo and the big city almost ate us up! We initially stayed in quite a run down area of the city and we felt like we were just coasting through. After having to move to another hostel across the city that’s when

Month 4 of Backpacking around Eastern Europe: A change of pace and surroundings!

So here we are, month 4 of our Eastern Europe backpacking adventure! There has been a slight delay in writing this as we have been back home for the past month, seeing all our freinds and family, sorting our visas, vaccinations and flights for our next leg and that dreaded thing call work! In some

Reflecting on visiting Europe’s newest but little visited country: Kosovo. The once tormented state with a historic heart and a fascinating culture to discover.

As we made our way through the Balkans on our 4 month trip around Eastern Europe this year the country we knew least what to expect from was the newest: Kosovo. A country whose name brings about images of war, refugees and suffering, even the county itself is still a controversial concept across the region.

A guide to the Ottoman city of Prizren, Kosovo. A historic step in time in this new country!

Prizren is often overlooked for modern Pristina. But really this wonderful little city offers so much more culture, history and beauty than the capital. Often seen as being nothing more than a country tormented by years of war and struggling for independence, today Prizren is a shining example of how much Kosovo has to offer the

Exploring the Newborn capital of Kosovo. A guide to the unremarkable and yet extraordinary Pristina!

When we headed over into Kosovo we really weren’t sure what we would find, after already having passed through Serbia we were a touch nervous at the border as the guards inspected our passports. Arriving in the midst of a storm, as the rain bounced off the pavement around us and thunder crashed above like