Perast: The beautiful village and its floating churches set in the fjord of the kotor bay

Just a little over 10km along the coast from Kotor is a beautifully tiny town called Perast. We had been advised by a few people to take the short trip on the bus to this town, mainly because of the two small islands situated just off the coastline. Despite Perast’s size with it only having

GUEST POST: Exploring the World through Paddle Sports

My love of paddlesports is a recent thing. Fuelling a thirst for adventure led me to try skydiving, bungee jumping, deep-sea fishing, and finally, kayaking. When moving to New Zealand – the adventure capital of the world – trying out white-knuckle action sports that lead you to think about whether you’ve had a good life

Walking the ancient city walls of Kotor Old Town for a view down the stunning fjord

When you visit Kotor the one thing you cannot fail to notice straight away is the impressive ancient city walls. They rise steeply above the old town up a high mountain track and finishes with the Montenegrin flag flying proudly on the ancient fortification above. This impressive construction not only holds a significant historical place

A guide to Kotor, Montenegro. The small but perfectly formed old fjord city surrounded by mountains!

Kotor might be a small city that sits in the stunning bay of the same name but it what it lacks in size it makes up in the sheer scale of its beauty and history. The ancient old town sits perched on a mountain over looking the stunning fjord in which it sits offering views

Hostel Review: Moreto & Caffeto, Sofia, Bulgaria! An amazing adventure with amazing people!

Occasionally when you are travelling you stumble upon a hostel that just has everything perfect. Sometimes it can be a hit and miss game that’s true. Some hostels look great but then turn out to be ruined by obnoxious idiots drinking their way around the world. Then others sell themselves short, but once you arrive

Our wild white water rafting adventure through the Tara Gorge, Montenegro!

We love white water rafting! You might have seen the amazing course we tackled in Switzerland last year in which we made our way down the wild waters of the glacial melt from Jungfrau in the most amazing scenery! What could ever come close to that? Well when we were researching which countries on our

Backpacking through Europe: Month 3! A detour, holiday, jumping off a mountain and a new love affair!

So, we greet you from month 3 of our backpacking trip. Month 3 and you are still in Europe you might ask! Well yes and no really! We actually ended up taking a 3 week detour to Turkey to see family, two weeks of that was technically in Asia! But the 3 month time scale

Reflections on visiting Serbia: Somewhere that left us with mixed emotions, an honest account on not falling in love with Belgrade!

The thought of going to Serbia both scared and excited me. On the 5 hour shuttle bus arranged by the hostel to take us from Sarajevo to Belgrade and driven by a Serbian Maniac who didn’t speak a word of English we were a little wary. We had heard a lot about Serbia as we

The remnants of Yugoslavia in Belgrade: Exploring communist Serbia and Tito’s grave

As the last strong hold of Yugoslavia and the de-facto holder of the title, Serbia is a country which more than many others retains several communist relics. For us this is an era that we are fascinated with and we often go out of our way to find these hidden or forgotten about remnants of

A guide to Belgrade: The white city of Serbia

Belgrade is a funny old city. It was sold to us as a grey post communist city with nothing to see and nothing to do other than get drunk! We didn’t either carry much love for Serbia either after visiting Bosnia before and hearing such woeful tales of crimes committed during the war. But we

The tunnels of Sarajevo that saved a city: A moving remnant of the siege

Sarajevo is city scared by the conflicts of the early 1990’s, for many people the name itself conjures up images of the war. It is true that wherever you go in this country, there is evidence of that awful period in European history. But not all those that remain are a symbol of hatred and

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Where east meets west, the scars still show but we fell in love anyway!

Bosnia is one of those countries that as hard as you try not to it conjures up images of war, refugees and destruction. Fight it as much as we wanted to we had already judged it, we were nervous entering the country, unsure of what would greet us and how safe we would feel. Fast

Discovering the haunting truth about The Srebrenica Genocide in Bosnia at Gallery 11/07/95

When you visit the Balkans and in particular the worst hit nation of Bosnia is really is hard to avoid the war. Not many people are all that open to talking about what is still an open wound, but there is evidence of the scars of war to be seen around almost every corner. From

Guide to Sarajevo. The east meets west Bosnia capital that stole our hearts!

When you think of Sarajevo you can’t help but think of the recent past, it conjures up images of a city in ruins, refugees, bombs and violence. Even the most open minded of us have to try hard to quell these negative images swirling around in our head. But we never judge a place until