How to spend two days in Dubai, UAE on a backpacker budget!

For most backpackers heading out to South East Asia, Australia or New Zealand, Dubai is a natural layover and most flights pass through here. Many of those passing through on long trips overseas will be on a tight budget and might consider just passing through this notoriously expensive city and braving the excruciatingly long flight

Backpacking Berlin: Awesome things to do in Berlin on a budget!

Berlin had been on our radar for as long as I can remember but for one reason or another we had never got around to visiting. We had plans whilst backpacking in Eastern Europe but got sidetracked somewhere around Lithuania! So when we headed home for a surprise Christmas visit we decided on our way

Discovering the floating village of Kampong Khleang and the local way of life, Cambodia

After visiting Angkor and the amazing temples of Siem Reap you might be wondering what else there is to do in the small city. The temples might dominate most visitors agendas and indeed the majority of their time here, and rightly so, but if you want to escape the flashing lights of Pub Street and

A guide to Saigon: The crazy, chaotic and claustrophobic second city of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City!

Known as Ho Chi Minh city since the late 70’s the city is still often referred to as Saigon by pretty much everyone…even VC vets we’ve spoken to! Saigon is a busy, bustling, crazy kind of place, it almost makes you feel like you can’t get your breath at times. With the worlds largest number of

Travel Adelaide, Australia: History, Wineries, Incredible coast line & an amazing vibe!

When we decided to head over to Adelaide from Melbourne, an 8 hour drive, one of the biggest questions was why? It seemed that even most Australian’s had no idea what this off the beaten track state capital had to offer and hardly anyone of the fellow backpackers we met had ventured that way either!

How to do New York on a budget and still have an amazing time!

New York, the city that never sleeps…but also a city renowned with big money! But that needn’t be the case. As self confessed budget travellers and having visited for the first time as a student we can safely say that with a bit of thought NYC can easily be an affordable trip for anyone’s budget!

Cruising The Nile & The Egyptian Temples from majestical Luxor

Back in 2010 I visited Egypt, cruising down the river Nile we experienced the many temples and historical sites this amazing country has to offer and along the way managed to see a side to this country many miss out on. This wonderful and intriguing country left me in awe and challenged many preconceptions and