Two days exploring the peaks, rivers and farms of wonderful Xingping & Yangshuo via bikes, boats and boots!

The town of Yanghuo and the village of Xingping China sit in the stunning limestone karst peaks of the Guangxi province of Southern China. This dramatic landscape is punctuated by the rivers of the Yuling and Li, where Cormorant Fisherman still ply their trade on Bamboo rafts, rice paddies and traditional farming technique dominate local life and adventure

Blue Buddha hotel, Kampot: A relaxing and fun loving abode in this trendy Cambodian town!

Arriving in Kampot a little later than planned due to the chaotic nature of Cambodian buses and the encroaching festive season we were a little flustered! Christmas Eve was upon us and our dream of a Christmas Day spent on the beach seemed to be fading away into a haze of last minute scrambling rather

Month 2 in Asia (Month 6 backpacking over all), A crazy month filled with culture, history, celebrations and being threatened off a 7 year old with a needle! Random indeed!

So, now it is time for our second month in Asia and it feels like its gone so much faster than the last one! But in truth this isn’s a full month. We like to split these posts up roughly monthly but also stop them at each country. So this month we include our time

Envoy Hostel Phnom Penh: A peaceful oasis where you feel like family!

We had heard many things about Phnom penh, some loved it, some told us it was a dangerous and overcrowded city with nothing to see. Well, we fell in love with this chaotic Cambodian capital. But at the end of a day exploring this bustling city you need an escape! In Envoy we found a

Visiting Zhangjiajie (The Avatar Mountains) – How to visit this wonderful, awe inspiring but confusing place!

After hearing about the mystical world of Zhangjiajie China, the floating pillars shooting straight up in an almost unbelievable fashion, the so called “Avatar Mountains” after their resemblance to the beautiful scenes from this ground breaking film… we just had to visit! But China is not the easiest place to navigate and several inquiries got

Our 4 days hiking in the monkey infested magical world of Zhangjiajie…the avatar mountains!

Years ago I remember seeing these amazing dream like photos a friend posted on Facebook, pillars of sandstone covered in thick foliage floating above a tropical forest below. Somewhere I immediately set my heart on seeing, but set in the middle of China I never really thought all those years ago it would be somewhere

The hallucinogenic Sichuan Hotpot that is hotter than anything you’ve ever tried!

A regional dish reputed to be one of the spiciest in the world, the famous Sichuan hot pot was something we had to try. Call it naivety or just youthful enthusiasm, but we totally bit off more than we could chew here. With the spiciness giving one of us nightmares and making the other one

Visiting the awe inspiring Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest pre modern Buddha in the world!

 A magical and mysterious place this ancient wonder left us in awe. The sheer scale of this enormous place almost too much to take in, the 90 year project of a dedicated monk it is still one of China’s most sacred Buddhist locations drawing in the faithful, intrigued and enchanted from all over the world!

La Residence Blanc D’Angkor, Siem Reap. A slice of paradise that proves Cambodia isn’t just for backpackers!

Even whilst backpacking we all need a slice of luxury every now and then. Luckily Cambodia despite being very much part of the backpacking trail through South East Asia also has another side to it: affordable luxury travel. Cambodia might be the land of Angkor and the amazing ancient temples, but it is also the

Visiting the wonderful Pandas in Chengdu, a look into the lives of these beautiful, funny and charming endangered animals!

For years visiting this place has been on our bucket list. Seeing these wonderful and clumsy creatures in a place as close as possible to the wild was a dream. To see them being so well looked after, protected and eventually prepared for the wild was the most rewarding element of the day. But seeing

Cube hostel, Bangkok: A sociable escape from the party scene & a tranquil slice of privacy!

When we visited Tokyo a few years back we were kind of a little disappointed we didn’t experience the famous capsule hostels, but hey, we were on honeymoon. But now we are backpacking around Asia and on a tight budget we had the perfect opportunity. Staying in dorms even for the most hardened backpackers can

What to expect in China: The good, the bad and the crazy!

what to expect traveling in china: China is a crazy, beautiful and shocking place. Many of us feel familiar with Asia and even Chinese culture. Especially as backpackers/ travellers as so many of us have visited the well trodden nations in the South East of the region.  In the west we also have many China

Wandering the mesmerising streets of the ancient town of Pingyao, Shaxi, China

Whilst travelling around China we actually backtracked from Xi’an to Pingyao (that also resulted in a 27hr train journey from Pingyao back on course to Chengdu) after speaking to a fellow traveller. He spoke of a town unchanged for 1000 years, a place in which most of the shops and houses were still the original

Oasis Capsule Hostel Siem Reap: A new concept bringing serenity to this party town and hope for local people.

Having stayed in many hostels up to this point, and most of them being dorms, if there is one thing we all value it is privacy. But sometimes that comes with a cost, curtains create barriers to socialising and privates can block out all but essential interaction. But here at Oasis Capsules they seem to