A guide to Beijing, the busy capital of China: From Communism to crazy Chinese culture!

Beijing is the crazy capital of China, landing here was like a whirl wind. The beeping, the noises, the spitting and the smog, it felt a world away from what we knew back home and despite the initial shock we were ready and excited for this adventure out east. The capital might not be the

What to do in Bristol, the top attractions guide for a day in this lovely city!

So, we’ve been home from our European backpacking adventures for 3 months now before we set off on the 2nd of November for our Asia and Australian leg of our round the world tour. But we thought we would make the most of this time by seeing a little more of the UK. Having only

Helsinki in a day. Exploring the wonderful capital of Finland after a ferry ride from Estonia!

Whilst staying in the stunning fairytale city of Tallinn in Estonia we couldn’t not notice the city’s proximity to Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Knowing how expensive Scandinavia is compared to the region of Eastern Europe we had been travelling within for 4 months we took the opportunity to head over for the first time. This

The most eerie, impressive and moving abandoned places to explore in Europe (where we’ve been so far!)

We love exploring abandoned places, call us strange, but there is nothing quite like the eerie atmosphere of discovering a forgotten or over looked area of a city. Creeping behind the everyday, off the beaten track and into a lost world, a time capsule of a bygone era. A museum that you can interact with,

A guide to fairytale Tallinn, Estonia. The surprisingly Scandinavia Baltic capital!

For anyone who has visited the capital cities of the Baltics you can’t help but feel the similarities and yet their own personal uniqueness, and everyone will undoubtedly have their favourite! For us there was something about the chocolate box cobbled streets of Tallinn, the pastel shades punctuated by the ancient churches, the mixture of

Guide to Riga, Latvia. The heart of the baltic states with beautiful folk culture!

Riga was a strange one for me, I had been due to visit a few years back with freinds when the Icelandic volcano blew up and ruined our plans!! For a long time I had wondered what I had missed out on and always dreamt of finally visiting! So here we were, in this wonderful,

A guide to Vilnius, the small, friendly old capital of Lithuania and our first stop in the Baltic’s!

After our time travelling through the Balkans and the rest of Eastern Europe it was time to finally head into the Baltic States for the first time. What we found here was a completely different vibes with much more western and Scandinavian influences. With Lithuanian being our first stop and probably the most overlooked it

The awe inspiring and eerie Hill of Crosses, Lithuania!

Sitting seemingly in the middle of nowhere in the Lithuanian countryside is the mysterious Hill of Crosses. Over 100,000 crosses hit on this seemingly random mound that is a pilgrimage for christians from all over the world, as well as those looking for something strange, out of the ordinary and frankly quite eerie! Heading over

Passing through Warsaw with our backpacks on a crazy travelling day!

Heading back to Poland after we realised that Belarus wouldn’t come off with the visas was a last minute adventure. Poland is a place close to our hearts after our amazing time in Krakow and we originally had plans to spend a few days in Warsaw before moving back on to our path and the

A guide to Kiev, the effortlessly cool Ukrainian capital that showed us a different side to this country!

Back in 2014 we made a crazy journey over from Poland into the at war Ukraine. Unsure what we might find we discovered a beautiful harsh country with vast contrasts between the emerging modern state and the weight of the soviet past. We vowed to return and to head to Kiev, the capital city everyone

Delving into the post apocalyptic world of abandoned soviet Chernobyl. 30 years on we visit our UrbEx dream!

For years now visiting Chernobyl and the post apocalyptic abandoned soviet town of Pripyat had been a dream. There is something eerily alluring about the idea of a town trapped in time, as the world has moved on this time capsule of the soviet era has been slowly crumbing. Twisting this once idealistic Utopian dream

A round up of our time at home before heading out for 18 months travelling!!

Returning home after 4 months on the road through Europe we decided to extend our stay to 3 months at home before heading off for a much longer leg of 18 months travel. Being at home after travelling for so long was so strange at first but it really gave us time to make the

How to survive the dreaded night bus! A necessary evil when backpacking!

Night buses are a nightmare, literally! Sitting in the stifling heat packed closely together with a bunch of strangers or shivering away clinging to your belongings… at no point is sleep even mentioned! 12 hours, 16 hours even 24 hours and longer spent sat on a bus. You can’t just get up and walk around