Twisting and turning around the Hai Van Pass: The perfect coastal road that clings to a mountain!

When we originally made plans for South East Asia one of the things we wanted to do was motorbike around Vietnam. After watching that famous Top Gear episode we knew just how much the country had to offer and how much riding a bike would allow us to see. Having finally, and somewhat miraculously, gotten

Visiting the My Son ruins, the ancient Champa temples that narrowly survived the Vietnamese war

By now everyone knows about the Angkor Wat ruins of Cambodia, the highlight of the ancient world in South East Asia. But it must come as no surprise that they are not the only UNESCO listed historic sites in the region. The My Son ruins, of Champa origin, might not have the grand scale of

A guide to Hoi An, Vietnam. The lovely town that tourism spoilt!

Hoi An Vietnam was one of those places that whilst travelling through Vietnam kept coming up time and time again, each person we spoke to seemed to come to the same conclusion, a nice place but actually quite horrible in many ways. Knowing how frustrated we get at being constantly shouted at to buy things, called

How to avoid the corrupt traffic police of Mui Ne, Vietnam…for those on motorbikes and scooters!

So, you are riding your bike through Vietnam and having the time of your life on this epic journey. Along the way you have been greeted with smiles, waves off Police and generally been treated well. Now you come to Mui Ne to take a break by the sea, explore the huge sand dunes and

Ganh Da Dia: The Giants Causeway of Vietnam (Only without the hordes and with added sun!)

When we set off riding from Saigon to Hanoi (and on to Sapa) on motorbikes there was a few obscure stops along the way we wanted to make. Having your own transport gives you the complete freedom to stop off at the places others just breeze passed in their uncomfortable sleeper buses. Ganh Da Dia

5 Amazing Things to do in Queenstown for Free

“The adventure awaits” is a commonly used phrase by travel websites and blogs when encouraging people to travel to Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s true, too–Queenstown is one of the world’s premier adventure towns  because there are few places that produce as much excitement and adrenaline. In Queenstown, there’s incredible nightlife, bungee jumping, downhill luge, ziplining,

Exploring Vietnam’s central highlands on a motorbike and discovering the amazing Dalat Waterfalls!

Heading up to DaLat from Mui Ne the real adventure on our motorbikes was to begin, after being underwhelmed with the touristy coastal town we were ready for a real look into what makes Vietnam so special. Taking the winding mountain roads across lush green landscapes, riding through tiny villages and of course enjoying the beautiful

A guide to Saigon: The crazy, chaotic and claustrophobic second city of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City!

Known as Ho Chi Minh city since the late 70’s the city is still often referred to as Saigon by pretty much everyone…even VC vets we’ve spoken to! Saigon is a busy, bustling, crazy kind of place, it almost makes you feel like you can’t get your breath at times. With the worlds largest number of

Month 3 & 4 (Month 7 & 8 over all) in Asia: 7 weeks exploring Vietnam on motorbikes

This month is a little different to the others, mostly because it is 7 weeks long, closer to 2 months! We originally intended to only spend around 3 weeks in Vietnam, but our dream of riding a motorbike from Saigon to Hanoi was something we couldn’t turn down. However it turns out that touring a

Guest Post: Bring Your Pet With You To Your Next Great Adventure: How to travel with your pet!

Travelling with pets may seem rather difficult, as it is important to have all the essential information – documentation needed, researching the best means of transportation and pet-friendly accommodation. Below you will find some useful information that can help you too organise a stress free holiday with the whole family.   Europe (the inventor of

Discovering the real Vietnam with Jack Tran tours. An insight into the lives of the Fishermen, Rice farmers and War veterans on an unforgettable day!

One of the things we love to do whilst travelling is interacting with local people, hearing their stories and getting to know their way of life. Sometimes though it can feel hard to break down the barriers of culture, language and suspicion that can prevent us from really getting below the surface of a country

Phnom Penh: The insane Cambodia capital full of surprising beauty and heartbreak!

Many people seem to skip out Phnom Penh when they visit Cambodia, scared by the stories of muggings, put off by tales of a dull and busy city or if they do visit they only come for the Killing Fields and never give the rest of the city chance. We will admit that all this

Stand Up Paddleboarding through the mangroves of Kampot on an extra ordinary Cambodian Boxing Day!

So there it was, Christmas Day done and dusted, our first abroad and one which left us with a whirling mixture of emotions as we lay our head down to sleep knowing our family and friends were still up celebrating. A day on the golden sands of the remote island of Koh Tonsay and insured