A guide to Jakarta, the surprisingly beautiful and interesting capital of Indonesia!

After being in Manila directly before coming to Jakarta, a city we had mixed feelings about, somewhere overcrowded with traffic, poverty, inequality, grime and crime, we expected much the same in Jakarta. Though there were shades of similarities, being huge sprawling cities with unregulated development, traffic jams and chaos, we found Jakarta to be surprisingly

A guide to the isolated island of Coron and its many beautiful islands, Lagoons, wrecks and beaches, Philippines.

Most people have gathered by now that the Philippines is paradise, though there does seem to be some out there that still need a little convincing of this. Sure it’s not Thailand or The Seychelles, but that’s a good thing! Here on the small and unassuming island of Coron off the northern end of the

How to get to the paradise island of Coron from El Nido and the rest of The Philippines

The tiny island of Coron off the north end of Palawan might seem quite remote and hard to get to. However for such a small and unassuming place the sheer beauty that can be found here means many flock to its turquoise waters and powder white sand beaches for a slice of paradise! However, depending

El Nido island hopping: unbelievable turquoise waters to the awe inspiring Big Lagoon and hidden beaches of Palawan, Philippines!

El Nido, on the island of Palawan in the Philippines is paradise on earth! Crystal clear warm turquoise waters, amazing limestone formations, pristine secret beaches, hidden lagoons and perfect weather! No wonder after 9 months backpacking we couldn’t wait to drop our bags and hop straight onto one of the traditional wooden boats and sail

Exploring the Bako National Park Borneo: Stepping into the real Jurassic Park that is teeming with amazing animals, wildlife and jaw dropping landscapes!

When we decided to visit Borneo we did so to see the amazing wild life, to explore the dense and otherworldly jungles and rain forest, to delve into nature and see some unforgettable sights. One of the best and easiest to reach places to do this is Bako National Park Borneo, from the Croc infested

The two day trek up the 13,435 ft Mt. Kinabalu on Malaysian Borneo, a true adventure!

Climbing Mount Kinabalu, one of the tallest mountains in South East Asia had been one of the first things I wrote down on our “to do” list in the region. As the list inevitably grew over time and encompassed some amazing and immense bucket list experiences and many more we didn’t even know about until

Seeing Orangutans in Borneo: A magical experience seeing this fascinating endangered animal in its natural setting.

Flying over to the Malaysian part of Borneo most have one main objective: To see the endangered Orangutans in their natural environment in the only place in the world where they exist. With dwindling numbers over the last few decades this bucket list item is even harder to tick. However with many amazing conservation areas

Hiking in through the dramatic tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Malaysia is such a diverse country and one of the places that really illustrates that is the landscape of the Cameron Highlands. Whilst the rest of the country is baked in sun and sweating in the humid conditions, up here the temperature and climate is totally different. The landscape, wildlife and the lifestyle is unique

A guide to the bustling, diverse and fascinating Malaysian capital: Kuala Lumpur!

KL seems to be one of those love it or hate it places, some people told us of how they instantly fell it love with the intense mixture of culture, history, energy and food. Others proclaim it to be a boring city with little to offer but a concrete jungle of tall buildings and maze

A day in Bandar Seri Begawan: The capital of the tiny country of Brunei on Borneo

Of all the countries in South East Asia little old Brunei must be the least visited. Despite seeing far fewer tourists in Myanmar than in places like Thailand we didn’t even spot a single on in this oil rich Kingdom. It’s remote location on two small strips of land on Borneo, its awkward transport links

The amazing, creative and interactive street art of Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Penang is known for its amazing street art, not just graffiti or tags which are a subject that causes much debate. But here there are lovingly created paintings that use their canvas as inspiration and embedding the amazingly crumbling texture of this historic island into the narrative of the works. Here they all tell a

23 reasons why you should visit MANCHESTER when you come to the UK (Our hometown we could not be more proud of!)

Manchester (we think) is better than London, but alas not that many people make it up this way. London, Edinburgh… even Liverpool with their Beatles stuff (I do love Liverpool)… but as with many countries there are lots of other places to see. Don’t even get me started on Leeds, Chester, York, Belfast and of course