Cruising The Nile & The Egyptian Temples from majestical Luxor

Back in 2010 I visited Egypt, cruising down the river Nile we experienced the many temples and historical sites this amazing country has to offer and along the way managed to see a side to this country many miss out on. This wonderful and intriguing country left me in awe and challenged many preconceptions and

Steel House Copenhagen: The luxury hostel that is going to blow your mind and change perceptions!

With almost 2 years on the road under our belt backpacking around Eastern Europe, China, South East Asia, Australia and now Scandinavia we’ve stayed in some amazing hostels (and some not to wonderful ones, but that’s another story!) So when we say a hostel blew our minds, we well and truly mean it! We know

Escaping busy Sydney for the awe inspiring views and serenity of the Blue Mountains National Park, Australia

Sydney is known as a bustling, busy and large metropolis that can be overwhelming and expensive! However, many people don’t realise that just a 2 hour train journey outside of the city is the incredible and expansive Blue Mountains National park. This beautiful area is easily accessible and well developed for visitors no matter what

33 Photos that will make you fall in love with magical and diverse Italy!

Italy, a stunning country from jagged mountains to flowing green vineyards, stunning beaches and stylish cities…it has it all! We recently travelled through many of the diverse regions in the North of the country and have in the past see the stunning south too. Here are 33 photos that are guaranteed to make you fall

Our dream Iceland bucket list itinerary: How we want to explore this amazing island!

Iceland seems to have grown and grown in popularity over the last few years and we certainly have been taking note! From a little known and presumed lump of ice somewhere in Northern Europe it has become THE place to visit. Boasting some of the most incredible and unspoilt natural scenery, breathtaking experiences and bucket

How to keep your belongings safe whilst travelling/ backpacking. Tips for the road!

Backpacking is an amazing time, travelling to new and exciting places, experiencing new things and going on a wild journey across the world. But with that also comes worries and stresses, mostly around keeping your valuables safe. Many of us travel with money, cameras, tablets, important documents and even a laptop if you are a

Oslo, Norway: Backpacking one of the most expensive cities in the world! A budget guide!

Oslo is famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the world and Norway one of the dearest countries. So when we arrived here from travelling in Australia where we had been working and Asia where everything is dirt cheap we knew we would have our work cut out backpacking the city on

Staying in the oldest hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden: The beautiful Hotel Royal

Arriving into Gothenburg, a wonderfully overlooked city that is a perfect mixture of fascinating history and thriving modernity we wanted to stay somewhere special. Walking through the elegant doors of Hotel Royal Gothenburg we knew we had found just that. The oldest hotel in Gothenburg exuded class as it told the narrative of this beautiful place